What Sets Us Apart


what sets us apart


Moody Williams Orthodontics has an outstanding reputation in Atlanta, GA, and has received many acknowledgements of our excellence for several years running. But the biggest testimony stands to be our many past patients who refer their family members and friends to our practice, not to mention the growing second generation coming in for treatment. We’re so grateful for our patients’ continued support!

Our Mission

Our philosophy is to uphold the highest standard of patient care that can be delivered. Treating others the way you would want to be treated can never be stressed enough. We are here to serve the patient, provide the best service, and strive for the best results possible even if that means treatment goes a little overtime. We want perfection and we want our patients happy with their individual results for years to come.

Our Doctor

Dr. Williams comes from a family that has been dedicated to dental health. His father was an orthodontist and his brother is a dentist. It has been a lifelong career and passion for him. Providing his patients with a warm and welcoming office staffed with personable and experienced assistants is always priority.

Our Team

We have been blessed with a wonderful group of women who have worked for Dr. Williams for several years. They are not only co-workers but great friends. Even beyond that, our staff is like family to us, especially in the way they care about our patients, believe in the treatment recommended, and have witnessed the terrific treatment provided year after year.

Your Comfort

It is our greatest goal that our patients feel relaxed and at home in our office. We have an open operatory room that we feel makes our patients feel at ease, as they can see others around them receiving treatment and personally witness how we really try to make each patient feel special. We strive to provide a relaxed environment where you can feel free to ask questions and receive answers along the way.

Our Contests

And the winners of the Marshmallow contest are........
BH office Daniel Bondolowski
He guessed 357 and there were exactly 357 in the jar!
MT office LeSean Brant
She guessed 356 and there were 353 in the jar!
Congrats on your win!! Keep checking back for our next contest!